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Transform Your Business by Energizing Your Superhero Spirit
Within every career, there is an opportunity to perform with heroic purpose.  Join award-winning filmmaker Brett Culp for an uplifting journey through his project Legends of the Knight(#WEareBATMAN) and gain insights about engaging with communities, turning dreams into a reality, and leading with courage.  Learn how to transform your work into a daring adventure and shift every task into an opportunity to leave a positive legacy.  
Put on your cape, and be inspired!

About Brett Culp

Brett Culp produces inspirational documentary films and works with organizations and individuals to capture the beauty of their stories.

His distinctive approach to filmmaking has attracted a client list that includes movie stars,
music icons, best-selling authors, hall of fame athletes, royalty, and Fortune 500 companies.  Brett’s work has been featured in USA Today, The Hollywood Reporter, NBC, CBS, Fast Company, and WEtv.  He has appeared as a celebrity expert on Entertainment Tonight and in USWeekly.  The newest edition of the college textbook “Documentary Storytelling” devotes an entire chapter to Brett’s unique, organic production style, which focuses on authentic storytelling. 

His latest film  “Legends of the Knight” is an exploration of the potential all of us have to
become heroes.  “Legends of the Knight” weaves together the stirring true  stories of individuals who have overcome devastating obstacles, unselfishly  given themselves to their communities, and embraced their inner superhero because  of their love of Batman.  In 2014, Legends of the Knight is screening in  theaters across the U.S., with proceeds from each screening benefiting local  charities.

Photography Credit: Stephanie Leblond